Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance

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Our Licensed Customs Brokers, who are AQIS Quarantine Accredited, have over 18 years of in-depth experience and knowledge regarding all areas of customs and quarantine clearance, especially in the area of customs tariff classification and duty rates. We work to minimize where possible the amount of any Customs Duty, Excise , Luxury Car Tax and GST on importation and other Indirect taxes that you may be subject to paying by accurately classifying the products that you import, and where possible present to you information regarding free trade agreements, preference origin duty rates, customs tariff concessions and policy by-laws to identify they meet the description of your products, resulting in customs duty free, or a reduced rate of customs duty payable.

Likewise we will provide you with information, where applicable, to ensure that your freight, clearances and deliveries are handled in the most cost effective manner, in order to reduce any applicable charges you may incur, and avoid incurring wharf / airport storage costs.

GCI Shipping provides a true value down to earth independent, personal, prompt and proactive professional service with many years of experience in customs and quarantine clearance.

Our aim is to provide a consistent and reliable level of service to all our valued importers, whether it’s one shipment a year, or many shipments a month.

“Our objective is to ensure that you have a pleasant experience, with our level of attentiveness, to service and experience, so you will feel confident enough to allow us to service you again, and tell your friends”